Our attention to detail in both service and design, from inception through handover, sets us apart from other architects. Our history and track record with past and current clients provide a strong foundation for project success.




We build lasting relationships with our clients based on thorough communication and trust. Our ultimate goal is to deliver projects that bring our clients’ dreams into reality and provide spaces for the end user that raise the human spirit and evoke emotional response. Our designs strive to be timeless, innovative, sustainable and culturally responsible.

Interior Design


From hospitality to commercial interiors, we put our emphasis on designing experiences. We believe in process and good design and work with clients to create spaces that align with their vision and goals. From accessory and staging projects to large developments, we pride ourselves in bringing the same level of detail to everything we do. Curating timeless spaces with cultural appropriateness and purpose reflects the studio’s design philosophy.

BIM Services &

3D Scanning


Our team employs Building Information Modeling (BIM), which enables our designing team to create and manage building information in a single digital database. Meanwhile our 3D Scanning capabilities allow us to capture detailed information both on interior spaces and building exterior facades with percise measurements.