Cultural Fusion






Built in the late 1930s by heiress Doris Duke, Shangri-La is a unique masterpiece that incorporates architectural elements from various Islamic cultures, including Morocco, Iran, Turkey, and India. As we wandered through the lush gardens and opulent interiors, we were transported to a world of intricate tilework, delicate wood carvings, and vibrant textiles. The estate serves as a testament to Doris Duke’s passion for Islamic art and her commitment to cultural preservation. Shangri-La stands as a bridge between East and West, demonstrating how different traditions can be woven together to create something truly extraordinary.

As our team visited these architectural treasures, we were reminded that thoughtful design is not just about creating functional spaces. It’s about understanding the culture, respecting the environment, and connecting with the people who will use those spaces. By engaging emotionally with these aspects, we can create designs that resonate on a deeper level.