Welcome, Kelsey Jones

Welcome, Kelsey Jones

A love for drawing along with the support from a professor led Kelsey Jones to her career as an Interior Designer. The most inspiring aspect of the job is her ability to create and design a space that can inspire others.


Born and raised in Kaneohe, Kelsey says that her favorite thing about living in Hawaii is that it’s home! “It is where my piko is buried and where my roots are,” she says.


Kelsey has a passion for listening to all kinds of music, eating anything brothy, and traveling. Her favorite place in the world is Oregon because of the nice people and industrial-meets-nature vibe. She hopes to travel the world someday to explore and learn different cultures.


When asked about an interesting fact or secret talent, Kelsey shares that she is ambidextrous. This must come in handy when drawing!


Welcome, Kelsey. We look forward to working with you as you inspire those around you with your designs.