Welcome, Phong Lam

Welcome, Phong Lam

A native of Ho Chi Minh City, Phong Lam was inspired by Villa Savoye designed by Le Corbusier at the young age of 12 which cemented his desire to study architecture. A graduate of University of Hawaii at Manoa’s bachelor’s in Environmental Design Program, Phong is passionate about creating healthy environments for people to live and work in.


When Phong is not knee deep in architecture, he enjoys cooking for family, eating summer rolls at Huong Lan and watching Marvel movies like the Avengers.


When asked what is the best piece of advice he was ever given, Phong responded


“Professor Bundit Kanisthakhon said that all good designs have inner stories. Therefore, before I write my design story, I always learn about the stories of the land, the people and the materials.”


One day Phong hopes to get lost in Venice, Italy spending time conversing with the Venetians, drinking cocktails and visiting the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica.

The one thing in the world he is most proud of? Marrying his wife!


Welcome to the team Designer Phong Lam! We look forward to creating some killer point cloud models together!

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Janet Sablan

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Executive Administrative Assistant


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